About Nuno Sá

Nuno Sá became a professional underwater photographer in 2008. After working aboard whale-watching boats, and as a divemaster, for several years, and while studying marine biology, at the University of the Azores. 

Specialized in marine wildlife and conservation video and photography, he has about twenty awards in his curriculum, from some of the main international nature photography contests.

He published six books and has had images on display, in some of the world’s largest natural history museums, such as the London Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in Washington.

In 2012 Nuno Sá bets on video, as a tool for the promotion of environmental awareness. He launches the first national production company specialized in underwater images, in Ultra High Definition – Atlantic Ridge Productions.

Since then, Nuno has worked regularly as a camera operator or director of photography. He has been working for many of the biggest international television channels, such as BBC, National Geographic Channel, NHK-Japan, ORF, ART, ZDF, etc, which allows him to live extreme experiences, in the 5 continents of the world. He has spent a month in a remote area of ​​the Colombian jungle, diving with humpback whales. He dived with sharks in the Bahamas, with whale sharks in Kenya, with orcas and humpback whales in the icy waters of Norway, with southern right whales in Argentina and in some of the world’s most remote islands such as Malpelo, Selvagens, and Desertas.

Nuno became a full-time cameraman in 2015, and in 2016 he was part of the underwater cinematographers’ team that produced the most iconic series about marine life, the BBC series – Blue Planet 2. Nuno has been awarded in 2018 with a BAFTA Award and a Panda Award for his work in this series.

The following year he was the main cameraman for the National Geographic Wild channel’s documentary ‘Europe’s Wild Islands’, and for several other high profile documentaries such as BBC’s ‘Animal with cameras’, NHK’s  ‘Islands of the Atlantic’ and others.

Between 2017 and 2019 he not only worked as an underwater cinematographer for major international productions, but he also produced the first major series about Portugal’s sea. ‘Mar, a última fronteira’, which can be translated into ‘Sea, the last frontier’, was produced in partnership with Oceanário de Lisboa and Fundação Oceano Azul and was broadcasted on the Portuguese TV channels RTP1 and RTP3.

In 2019, Nuno Sá was awarded the Insígnia Autonómica de Reconhecimento by the Regional Government of the Azores, for his active role in promoting the conservation of marine life in the archipelago. He was also distinguished in the Excellens Mare Awards, with the Natura Mare 2019 Award. Nuno Sá is also part of the Mares ambassador team.